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Protect Our Parks!

Your Thoughts 

We heard from you loud and clear. Here are some of the support letters we have received:

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"Please keep the course!"

I started playing golf when I was ten years old in Highland Park, IL where I grew up. What did I learn from golf? Etiquette. A term that has deeply slipped from this country’s lexicon, it means ‘a code of polite behavior.’ I learned to be quiet, to listen, to be patient, to be disciplined, to be respectful, to check my anger, to control my emotions, and to not cheat because I learned about ‘an honor system.’ In High School, I also learned to play golf as part of a team. I worked on necessary skills to get along with others and figured out how to build relationships because we won or lost as a team. Later in life, I would learn these life lessons were a great foundation for business skills too. I still play and now that I am near retirement age, I plan to increase that play. Many current, or hopeful, retirees in our town have the same plan because it is one of the only sports you can play at any age.

The residents of Lake Bluff are fortunate to have extensive Park District resources. It has only ONE public golf course. As far as public golf courses go, this one is one of the best in the north shore. Our Park District has done a tremendous job in getting expenses under control for the golf course over the last 4 years and is positioned to continue this trend nicely. And do you know what portion of my taxes go to this beautiful course? Only .013%. In other words, for every $10K in property taxes, $12.68 goes to the operations and expense of this golf course. PLEASE KEEP THE COURSE!

John Minorini



"I have played Lake Bluff close to a
1000 times ..."

Board of Commissioners: 
I was born and raised in Lake Bluff. Throughout my upbringing, I have probably played Lake Bluff Golf Course close to 1000 times, as I was regularly a junior member. My mom would drop me off at sunrise and she knew I wouldn't leave until we could truly no longer see our golf balls in the air. I played for Lake Forest High School boy's golf team and was fortunate to win a tournament at Lake Bluff Golf Course, representing not only my school, but my hometown and favorite course. My middle school and high school friends, all of whom I am still close with, have spent thousands of hours at Lake Bluff playing golf, eating lunch, and growing into young men- well, most of us anyway! Sadly, it seems, all of those memories might be washed up in a retention pond and cost-cutting endeavor. 
When describing Lake Bluff Golf Course, I always described it as this: very fair, very fun, and chalk-full of history. History that existed 50+ years ago when it was built with the help of loyal Lake Bluff residents; history that existed 20 years ago when I used to see my grandfather and his friends playing on an adjacent fairway before we would ultimately join up for an emergency 9 holes; history that existed 15 years ago in the clubhouse when all my classmates would line up for a delicious lunch; history that existed 5 years ago when the Bluffers came out in droves to ensure LBGC would not die; and hopefully there still remains some semblance of history moving forward, as I hope my two year old can one day
step foot on this golf course with his friends, after he undoubtedly takes up the game in the next few

Michael Kopsick
Ravine Avenue


"It is a wonderful asset ..."  

To the Park District Board of Commissioners:

Once again, we are faced with a community decision about the golf course, however the facts are in much better alignment and offer even stronger support to protect and preserve the property as an 18 hole course.  The management is stronger, the financial future is stronger, community support is stronger. We already have vast amounts of open lands, forest preserve trails and soccer fields. LB resident usage of the course is the highest in the park district more so than the beach and pool and generates more revenue than any other park district property. To say it is a wonderful asset and strong real estate selling point is an understatement. It is used as a facility for many groups and functions for old and young alike with year-round activities. So many would find its demise a tremendous loss.

Deb Burns

Lake Bluff Resident

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