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Our goal is to Protect our Lake Bluff Parks and, in particular, Lake Bluff’s largest and most-utilized park, the Lake Bluff Golf Course. 

This community gem is not just about golf: it's about the people -- golfers and non-golfers alike -- who have cherished the course for more than 50 years.

Whether you are a pro golfer or a duffer, a non-golfer who simply enjoys its beautiful natural setting, a young kid just learning the game, or someone who craves their ideal annual tee time, someone who simply loves to walk the course when the mist is rising over

it in the morning, or a cross-country skier who enjoys it most after

a good snowfall, this is YOUR course and YOUR Community of friends and neighbors who share your appreciation for this unique place. 


In 2022, Lake Bluff Golf Course is under threat. We invite you to learn about the Storm Water Management (SMC) wetlands project that has been proposed to our Lake Bluff Park District. Read the facts, quick or in-depth. Then, help us by actively continuing the conversation and clearing up misperceptions. Educate your neighbors and friends who may not have the facts, or have the incorrect facts. We need YOUR help to overcome this challenge to the Park District’s future. 


Help protect the Lake Bluff Park District’s 145-acres of rolling land, its hundreds of trees, and natural habitats for so many birds and fauna which we risk losing forever. Join us in making the golf course better, more vital, and more sustainable into the years ahead. Come play golf here, share your ideas, your inspiration, volunteer, invite your friends to golf or lunch, or simply come with family and friends to enjoy a burger, a brew and a magnificent sunset, too.


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Public Meetings You Can Attend!

Meeting: August 9, 2022, 6:30 p.m.,

Park District Second public forum providing community members the opportunity to share opinions/feedback on the Task Force report and the future use of Park District property.

Park Board Commissioners will attend the meeting to listen to all public feedback.

The Park District welcomes and encourages

Lake Bluff residents to also submit their written comments either at the public forums or through the Park District land use webpage.

All public comments will become part of the public record and help inform the Park Board Commissioners as they consider park land use questions and opportunities.

Submit a comment to the Lake Bluff Park District Board of Commissioners link:

To stay up to date on events and happenings, please "Like" and "Follow" our Facebook group: 

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You can also follow Lake Bluff Park District meetings and the LBPD Land Use Task Force meetings and updates on the LB Park District Website at  and the LBPD Meeting Calendar at


Or, visit the Lake Bluff Golf Course at 

355 W Washington Ave, Lake Bluff, IL 60044

7/8 Lake Bluff Parks: Land Use Task Force Report